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Cannabis Explained

There’s an almost infinite number of experiences and effects that can be attributed to Cannabis. Nirvana's comprehensive category system can help you understand the complex world of Cannabis and all its related information.



Strains with a blend of both CBD and THC in the right concentrations have the capability to enhance the healthy properties of both elements. CBD acts as a counteractive measure to the psychoactive powers of THC - this allows for the benefits to pass through with only mild euphoric effects.



Cannabidoil, or CBD, is highlighted for its non-intoxicating and medically beneficial properties. High CBD strains are known to provide relief from a large host of issues with minimal psychoactive properties. CBD is known to have a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.



Strains that are Sativa-dominant are known to produce more uplifting, invigorating, and energizing effects. Sativa strain plants take longer to mature and are known to have lower CBD and higher THC . These strains pair well with social gatherings or daytime usages.


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Sativa Dominant Hyrbid strains provide effects that encompass both Indicas and Sativas, while focusing on the latter. These strains are known to have more energetic sativa effects that are offset only partly by the Indica portion.


Balanced Hybrid

Balanced Hybrids are strains that provide a balanced experience, benefiting from both Sativa and Indica effects. These strains can more often embody both the sedative properties of Indica strains and the energetic properties of Sativa strains.


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Much like Sativa-dominant hybrid behavior, strains that are Indica dominant showcase more qualities of the Indica portion. These strains have strong sedative properties with a larger cerebral effect compared to other hybrids.


Known for their distinctive fat leaves and short flowering cycles, indica cannabis plants are also relatively small in stature, often growing under six feet tall.



Indica strains are known for their sedative and cerebral properties. These strains are recommended for increased pain relief and are used for extreme relaxation. Indica strains are beset recommended for nighttime use due to their cerebral and relaxing properties.

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