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Celebrate V-Day with Nirvana 💗

Planning for a romantic night on the town for this Valentine's Day? Or maybe you want to take the day to enjoy being single and celebrate by yourself! Either way, the amazing deals at Nirvana are sure to help you enjoy celebrating this day!

It's definitely a crazy year and Valentine's Day is no different in 2021 -- just don't forget to swing by Nirvana to take advantage of our AMAZING Valentine's Day deals, hand-picked just for you guys!

Don't worry if you don't have something big planned for Valentine's Day; stop by our locations and liven up this day dedicated to St. Valentine with our specialty deals, listed below!

Nirvana has the lowest prices locally on cannabis products. It is Nirvana's core mission to offer unbeatable prices along with unbeatable quality. Stop by the stores today!


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