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Find 7/10 Oil Deals at Nirvana!

🍢 Nirvana's 7/10 Oil Day Deals!🍢

Planning for a unique way to celebrate the upcoming 7/10 tradition? Even with our social distancing protocols, the amazing deals at Nirvana are sure to help you, your family, and your friends celebrate this day! We may not be able to enjoy everything as usual, but our deals are sure to still help you practice important social distancing guidelines at home! As a reminder, Nirvana Cannabis Dispensaries are offering Online Ordering via Leafly and Curbside Pickup during these trying times.

While we can't do everything as usual, Nirvana's goodies can certainly help liven up your day; stop by our locations and grab your favorite treats at unbelievable prices.

Nirvana has the lowest prices locally on cannabis products. It is Nirvana's core mission to offer unbeatable prices along with unbeatable quality. Stop by the stores today!


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